Wealthdreamz is an initiative started with the intention of educating each individual in dealing their financial life. It starts from basics of sharemarket to the trend of future Cryptocurrency. Ignorance is route cause for losing in market. Fear and greed is the main factor which determines if  a person  win or lose. The person who has mastered it has mastered the art of investment. Hence to protect himself he  need financial literacy which can grow his financial life and protect from bad advice.

About the Author

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Dr. Arun hails  from kerala,India. He finished his M.B.B.S course from Pondicherry.He also did his Postgraduation(M.M.S.T)  from IIT kharagpur From his undergraduate days itself art of money making fascinated him.It started from a 500 rs his grandmother gave in his plus two. Rather than spending it in fancy stuff he got a book on sharemarket. Then he spend long years immersing in vast knowledge in this field.To be precise around 15 years! But as a normal average person he was hesitant in starting a trading account. Thanks to the advice of a dear and experianced friend in 2015 he got a trading account. He has then experimented on shares,mutual funds,insurance. Last not the least also on  what  now could be considered as a revolution after internet-Cryptocurrency.

His strong belief is that with proper education even a daily labouror who can set aside  around 500-1000 rs/month can easily create a sound financial life and establish a financial freedom in life.He also thinks that if a normal person like him can do it anybody can!

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